Nuts and Seeds – Support Testosterone

Nuts and Seeds – Support Testosterone

It is very likely that humans have primarily adapted to nuts and seeds as a main source of fuel. Nuts and seeds have also been a great source of nutrients that support the hormonal system. Apparently, humans have adapted to better survive on a high fat, hormonal boosting diet.

Those who follow a similar diet today may be surprised to notice a substantial improvement in their capacity to sustain energy and get leaner, in spite of the overall increase in calorie intake. Most importantly, by going down on the food chain and increasing the intake of these progesterone and testosterone boosting foods, it is possible to gradually counteract an excess of estrogen in the body.

A high fat diet, combined with estrogen inhibitors, liver detoxifying herbs and prostate enlargement alleviating herbs, would most likely be the best way to sustain health and virility for life.

Learn the Two Staple Foods in Early Human Diet


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