The Whole Idea Behind Intermittent Fasting

The whole idea behind intermittent fasting is to put your body under nutritional stress. Intermittent fasting challenges your body like exercise, it depletes your energy reserves and it doesn’t always make you “feel good,” but it nonetheless activate stress-response genes and pathways that compensate your body for the hardship and “lack of food energy.” Overtime your body will get increasingly resistant to stress, disease and aging. I’m planning to release soon new blogs on applied stress and the benefits of activated stress-response.

As for the ideal meal timing, humans are nocturnal eaters. So are felines. You can feed a cat during the day, and the cat might like that, but nature programmed this species nevertheless to be a night eater. The same holds truth for you.

Learn More About : Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler


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