Warrior Cereal HIGH PROTEIN RICE CRISPS is exceptionally delicious and nutritious. High in protein and fiber and made with NO added sugar, NO soy and NO gluten, it provides unmatched nutritional advantages.

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“Warriors ways cereal high-fiber high-protein served with Grass fed organic raw milk. Great option instead of the commercial cereals and commercial pasteurized milk” – Sandro S.


Carb Fuel Day and Fat Fuel Day

Carb Fuel Day and Fat Fuel Day

You need to separate between carb fuel days where your main fuel come from starchy foods or fruits, and fat fuel days where your main fuel come from fat rich foods such as nuts, seed and avocados. The body does not utilize well a mix carb-fat fuel. The fat/sugar combination is a recipe for insulin resistance undesirable fat gain and a shortened life-span.

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The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet is not a calorically restricted diet and it can be easily adjusted to accommodate athletic heads. I’ve been engaged in extreme training routine (short intense) and my diet perfectly compliments my performance. I use a few serving of warrior whey throughout the day and 1-2 servings after training.

For more information check Ori’s blog and take a look at the Warrior Athlete Kit.

Green Tea Catechins (SAF Nutrients)

SAF Green Tea
Green tea (camellia sinensis) is a rich source of SAF nutrients polyphenols – catechins, quercitin and myricetin – which have been shown to enhance the body’s response to stress and mimic the effects of calorie restriction and exercise on the body. Green tea catechins possess both pro-oxidative and anti-oxidative properties. They have demonstrated the capacity to induce anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and anti-neoplastic effects.

Learn About Properties and Mechanisms of Action: Green Tea Catechins (SAF Nutrients)

Virilman Male Potency Formula

Virilman Male Potency Formula

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