The Whole Idea Behind Intermittent Fasting

The whole idea behind intermittent fasting is to put your body under nutritional stress. Intermittent fasting challenges your body like exercise, it depletes your energy reserves and it doesn’t always make you “feel good,” but it nonetheless activate stress-response genes and pathways that compensate your body for the hardship and “lack of food energy.” Overtime your body will get increasingly resistant to stress, disease and aging. I’m planning to release soon new blogs on applied stress and the benefits of activated stress-response.

As for the ideal meal timing, humans are nocturnal eaters. So are felines. You can feed a cat during the day, and the cat might like that, but nature programmed this species nevertheless to be a night eater. The same holds truth for you.

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Beware of Questionable Whey Proteins Labeled: 100% Grass Fed

Beware of Questionable Whey Proteins Labeled: 100% Grass Fed.

Does “Grass-Fed” mean high quality? Not always when it comes to whey proteins. If you’ve tried a few of the “grass fed” whey proteins, you’ve probably noticed poor solubility and a funky aftertaste in some of them. So what does that mean?

It means that some grass fed whey brands are of inferior quality. And yes, what you taste is what you get.

The notion has been widely circulated that grass fed cows always yield the best whey proteins. But in reality, “grass fed” is only one of several criteria you need to consider when evaluating whey protein quality. If the whey is derived from grass fed cows but fails the other criteria, it cannot be classified as a quality whey.

The whey industry, like any other, is driven by profit. And just as in any other profit driven activity some segments will “cross the line,” sacrificing quality for profitability.

There is a dirty little secret that lets whey distributors sell cheaply produced low quality grass-fed whey proteins at premium high prices — – and it’s 100% legal and legit. All they need to do is purchase whey powders that are industrial by-products of casein manufacturing and label them as premium whey. It’s just that simple. Some of these companies even claim special attributes or processing which allegedly distinguish their products from those of their competitors. Some say their product comes from USDA certified grass fed cows. It’s all a smoke screen, because “grass fed” is not the only thing that determines whey quality.

How can you recognize a questionable grass fed whey?

Beware of Questionable Whey Proteins Labeled: 100% Grass Fed.