Avoid Consuming Estrogenic Foods And Herbs

Avoid consuming estrogenic foods and herbs.

− Avoid soy products and soy isoflavone
− Minimize intake of conventional meat and dairy.
− Minimize intake of non-organic produce
− Do not use licorice, clover, black cohosh, angelica or forskohlii supplements.
− Do not binge drink. Excessive alcohol intake promotes excess estrogen.
− Minimize beer consumption – beer contains hops which is highly estrogenic.
− Minimize intake of omega-6 vegetable oils such as canola, corn, safflower, and soy, which have shown to induce estrogenic effects when not balanced with omega-3 oils (fish, flaxseed, hempseed oil).

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Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Minimize beer intake. The case of alcohol might seem paradoxical. Here is how in small serving alcohol triggers a stress response that is actually beneficial. However in large amounts such as several shots of liquor or equivalent mixes of alcohol and sugar (or fruit juices), alcohol causes a mirade of adverse effects including over-glycemic response, insulin resistance, increased liver stress and increased estrogen (increased 16 hydroxy estrogen metabolites) levels. Also note that the seemingly loud behavior of the drunk is not a reflection of high testosterone. A dysfunctional liver due to alcohol or chemical toxicity is a major contributor to insulin resistance and impaired fat metabolism.

For information about estrogen/progesterone check the Anti-Estrogenic Diet book.

Can the Anti-Estrogenic Diet help boost my vigor?

Can the Anti-Estrogenic Diet help boost my vigor?

There is growing evidence that estrogenic chemicals accelerate aging, which is also associated with a decline in testosterone. The Anti-Estrogenic Diet may help counteract this process by providing the body with both anti-estrogenic and testosterone-boosting nutrients. If you take supplemental DHEA, you may also be able to minimize its conversion to estrogen and thereby induce maximum androgenic effect. To boost your libido, train your body to shift from carb to fat fuel. Try to increase the intake of food listed in Phase II of the diet. Raw nuts and seeds, when eaten with the right combination of foods and in large amounts, could be the best fuel for improving your libido.

Learn More About Anti-Estrogenic Diet

Ant-Estrogenic Diet Book

anti-estrogenic diet

Q: How long will it take before I actually begin to lose weight(Ant-Estrogenic Diet Book)?

A: You should already be able to notice weight loss from the jump- start phases. Virtually all those on the Anti-Estrogenic Diet have experienced weight loss by the end of the first week (Phase I). Nonetheless, it generally takes about 2–3 weeks for the estrogen inhibitors extracts to reach a peak loading state in the body with the maximum anti-estrogenic effect. If your weight gain is estrogen- related, you may need to apply the diet and supplements for 2–3 weeks before reaching an optimum on-going, slimming-down effect in stubborn fat areas.

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What makes the Anti- Estrogenic Diet different?

What makes the Anti- Estrogenic Diet different?

Q: My problem is stubborn belly fat. I’ve tried virtually every fat-loss program with no results. What makes the Anti- Estrogenic Diet different?

A: Most fat-loss programs today have failed to even address the problem of excess estrogen nor do they offer any solution for stub- born fat. Conversely, the Anti-Estrogenic Diet was designed to specifically address estrogen-related disorders including stubborn fat. The foods incorporated in the diet and estrogen-inhibiting supplements have demonstrated the capacity to exert anti-estrogenic effects. This helps create a metabolic environment that favors the breakdown of estrogen-sensitive fatty tissues, including areas that generally resist fat-burning.

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