How the body’s repair mechanism turns harmful and deadly?

Why the Common Theory of “Anti-Aging Repair” Fails

Oxidative damage can be life-threatening at any stage of life. For the body immediate repair is top priority – that’s to overdo any necessary task for short-term damage control and prevent immediate death. And like a wound that needs to be repaired to save a young animals’ life, molecular damage needs to be repaired as well. But the program for immediate repair is short sighted and could act like a flawed mechanism driven by the body’s main growth pathway mTOR. This pathway which is useful for growth and repair early in life, could turn harmful and deadly when overactivated later in life.

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Green Tea Catechins (SAF Nutrients)

SAF Green Tea
Green tea (camellia sinensis) is a rich source of SAF nutrients polyphenols – catechins, quercitin and myricetin – which have been shown to enhance the body’s response to stress and mimic the effects of calorie restriction and exercise on the body. Green tea catechins possess both pro-oxidative and anti-oxidative properties. They have demonstrated the capacity to induce anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and anti-neoplastic effects.

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Issues of Leaning Down Phase of Bodybuilding

Issues of Leaning Down Phase of Bodybuilding.

I would say that the “leaning down” phase of bodybuilding (which is typically limited to several weeks at a time) is actually a healthy regimen involving calorie restriction and energy depletion. However, there are two issues with that phase.

Lead Down Phase