Supplement Your Diet With Natural Estrogen Inhibitors

Supplement Your Diet With Natural Estrogen Inhibitors

− Indoles (cruciferous vegetables)
− Apigenine (chamomile flower)
− Chyrsin (passion flower)
− Quercitine (onion & garlic)
− Naringenin (citrus fruits)
− Curcumin (turmeric and curry)
− Resveratrol (red grapes & wine)
− Omega 3 EFA (flax seed, hempseed, fish oil)
− Alpha-lactalbumin (pasture fed cows’ whey)
− CLA (pasture fed cows’ cheese and whey)
− Ellagic acid (amla berries and raspberries)

Preliminary studies indicated that natural estrogen inhibitors work best when combined together.

For information about estrogen/progesterone check the Anti-Estrogenic Diet book.